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Reflection of the Trip to Long-Mn Junior High School April 17, 2008

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The teacher who guided us to the campus really impressed me. He is very enthusiastic and professional. He kind of changed my impression of junior high school teachers and it made me like this job even more. I think it is not easy to be a fun, interesting and professional teacher at the same time. But, after this trip, I feel there is some possibility.

Besides, he is also kind to share his opinions and experiences about getting teaching jobs. I think what he said is helpful: Just to prepare yourself well and don’t worry too much which school you come from. I think it is a life-long run to learn to be a good teacher and I’m really willing to learn to do it.

I also appreciate the female English teacher who opened her class for us to observe. It’s kind of her to do so, being this open-minded. It is very nice for me to have this chance to be in the classroom again of a junior high school, I really enjoyed being near so many young students and watch them learning. However, it was a pity that we didn’t have more time to observe, and in that class we didn’t see too many teaching skills—in that class, she followed more a traditional way.

Also, the environment of Long-mn Junior High School is quite good, so I think students can enjoy studying and learning there. Good for them. 


lesson plan March 17, 2008

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Day one: Hour one and hour Two 

1)      Warm up: Act. One: Match the pictures of the animals with the adjectives (0- 5)

           Teacher offers more adjectives about those animals.           (5-15)     

           Act. Two: Guessing Game:  S1: It’s slow. It’s green. It’s hard.

Ss: Is it a turtle?

S1: Yes, it is.                (15-25)

2)      Voc.: Act. Three: Match the English meanings of the new words with

the Chinese ones. Divide the class into four teams. When Teacher tell the English meanings, teams try to guess as more as possible.         (25-40)

   Go over p. 7-12.                                              (40-50)

 ~Break Time~                                                   (50-60) 

3)      Sentence patterns: Show, explain and practice orally.                  (0-10)

1) She gives a good impression to people.

           2) She gives people a good impression. &

1) It seems that certain animals take on interesting characteristics.

          =2) Certain animals seem to take on interesting characteristics.

    Act. Four: Change sentence. Board Race.

Divide class into Six teams.

Students have to change sentence 1) to 2) or 2) to 1).      (10-30)

4)      Act. Five: Do p.13 Exercise A & B as a Quiz. p.13-15               (30-40)

 Students exchange their books to correct in class.           (40-45)                                        

5) Assign homework, 1)Voc. Spelling

2) Preview Reading: look up new word and phrases;

Make sure how to pronoun each word.          

3) Prepare for in-class quiz on Voc.                 (45-50)  



Reflection on ICT March 10, 2008

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After these two week’s classes about ICT, I think I would like to try to involve as much ICT skills in my (future) teaching as possible. I think it offers students a most natural and creative way to learn and practice English.

Language is to communicate, as long as it is practiced more, it would improve. More it is improved, better communication it would bring out.

Communication is one of the most important thing in our life, the better we can communicate with outer world, the more treasure we can find in our life.

Therefore, students are encourage to learn English (and any other language) in their own way, as long as it’s effective to them, anf ICT is defenitely a very good one.



Notes to Introduction March 3, 2008

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Notes of Introduction: Teacher development through exploring classroom processes

#Asking questions about teaching

1.      This book helps to develop a reflective approach to teaching.

2.      Questions to explore: *1. how to collect teaching information

                     *2. my beliefs

                     *3. students’ beliefs & learning styles

                     *4. decision making

                     *5. the role of teacher; students and I (vs. beliefs)

                     *6. effective form & structure of lessons

                     *7. interaction

                     *8. activities

                     *9. the use of the target language


#The assumptions underlying this book

1.      This book doesn’t try to tell what ‘the’ effective teaching is like, but tries to develop a critically reflective approach.

2.      Assumptions of the book: 1. extensive knowledge and deeper awareness

                   2. self-inquiry or through collaborating with a colleague

                     3. awareness, again, especially while in the classroom

                            4. experience

                              5. critical reflection


An Introduction March 2, 2008

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My name is Marilyn Chiang. Obviously, you have known this by my title.

To say something about myself,…um…first of all I live in Tamshui. I study and work here.

My life is quite simple but busy. I am a student and at the same time, I teach English.

I study in English and American literature, can’t say I know much about it, I do enjoy reading them, though. I lke especially Nathaniel Hawthorne, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Heimingway, Truman Capote, and Emily Dickinson. Try reading them sometime, I bet you would like it, too.

And about teaching English, I believe I have to much to learn. I can always find ‘new’ issues to overcome in every class, and not just about English. It gives me several ‘white hair’ already– I don’t like white hair at all. But since I am in this work, this is my duty to learn to be a better teacher and give good influence upon my students. I value this job and I alos enjoy working where I am now with so many really nice co-workers, too.

If there’s still some time left to myself, I enjoy watching films, listening to music, singing and writing. That just about what I am. Time to leave. Talk to you soon.